April 29, 2017

Gapuz-Ancheta-Solinao Grapes Farm

It was my friend and kumareng Jingle who told me about grapes picking in La Union many years ago. We wanted to go there together but our schedules woudn't meet until she went to Saipan. Since we can't go to Saipan yet, we've decided to go to La Union and visit and pick grapes at La Union, which is now called Gapuz-Ancheta-Solinao Grapes Farm, and dedicate this vlog to her.

Going to Gapuz-Ancheta-Solinao Grapes Farm is a family bonding activity you shouldn't miss, especially for those with young kids. They will surely remember the fun in picking the best and sweetest grapes.

Note: Gapuz-Ancheta-Solinao Grapes Farm is separate from Gapuz Grapes Farm though both offers picking.

Tips and reminders:

✔ Gapuz-Ancheta-Solinao Grapes Farm is not connected nor associated with any tour guides so just proceed DIRECTLY to their farm to avoid unnecessary payment. 
✔ Review driving and commute directions via Google and Waze
✔ Brgy. Urayong boundary of Bauang and Caba, La Union. When facing Manila route, turn right after boundary arc.
✔Best time to  pick is from March to May
✔Rainy season picking is from June to September
✔Call the farm for December picking

Brgy Urayong, MacArthur Highway, Bauang, 2501 La Union
Phone: (072) 705 2013
Picking Hours: 7AM–6PM
Call 510-770-4120// 0915 778 4594// 0999 714 7616// 0917 896 3161

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