April 1, 2017

Laiya Adventure Park

My family, #Mendiolables, have been to many places in Batangas except for Laiya. We're confined to the fact that all resorts in Batangas offers the same (accommodation, beach front, swimming pool) until Unang Hirit featured .Laiya Adventure Park.

I shared to my husband and kids how cool this place is, and they couldn't wait for the school to finish. Although Juan's class ended second week of March, the twins still has to go to school until April 7. But our adrenaline pushed us early to DARE, MOVE, PLAY. at LAP! 

The place  is the first ever of its kind in Laiya Aplaya, San Juan Batangas. It caters to the adventurous people who are in constant search for something different, bold and exciting experiences.  

Attractions includes a 630-meter Zipline, an Aerial Walk, Freefall, a Giant Swing, Rappelling, Wall Climbing, and an Infinity Pool.

I wanted to write a lot of words to convince you to visit Laiya Adventure Park but then again it's a waste of time. Just watch this video, or better yet, go there and experience the kind of fun that we've had.

They have a promo for summer, entrance fee is only P80! If you wish to stay longer in Laiya, book your accommodation at Kabayan Beach Resort and try their water sports and their delicious food.

San Juan, Laiya, Batangas
Laiya 4226
0977 832 0630
Opens 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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