April 30, 2017

Nature's Healing Home

I've been wanting to feature the surfing area of La Union for a long time but every time I'd plan our trip something comes up and we'd be in a different province.

Last week I tried to book at popular hotels but to no avail because it's peak season. As I checked booking.com, Nature's Healing Home kept on popping and so I gave in and booked for an overnight there not even knowing what lies ahead.

From Subic Park Hotel it took us four hours to reach San Fernando. We got lost along the way as the GPS failed to locate Nature's Healing Home because it was cloudy that day. Then we just found ourselves in San Juan La Union where we actually wanted to go the next day. We were already tired and just wanted to sleep so we looked for bed and breakfast inns around the area but we weren't comfortable with the noise and just thought of going back to Manila until Precy sent message worriedly asking where we were. 

John and I decided to give Nature's Healing Home a second try and drove all the way back to San Fernando. There's a major road construction and the scarce amount of streets lights are of no help so it took us amost 9pm to reach Nature's Healing Home.

All the hassles my family went through has all been worth the effort because we like the place a lot! The experience of living on the mountain with just the basics - connecting with nature, eating organic food, picking of mangoes and other fruits and vegetables, dhan yoga session, playing and conversing with people. Oh, I almost forgot, playing throw and catch with Neo and the other dogs.

Am I recommending Nature's Healing Home? Definitely yes! Just a few tips. First, drive while there's still daylight. GPS will come in handy just use Bacsil Monument as your point. When you reach the monument, turn left, then left again right after the house on the left. Bringing of food is allowed but if you want to live the NHH way, inform them ahead. We had breakfast at P100 per head, consisting of coffee for John and I, hot chocolate for the kids, organic papaya, cassava pancake and boiled saba (banana).

Bacsil, San Fernando, La Union 2500
0917 777 5138

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