April 10, 2017

Rommel Bobiles

Although Thess Dumagpi was the researcher for FATS Subic adventure, she said everything was actually arranged by Mr. Rommel Bobiles. Thess wanted me to meet Rommel prior to our Subic trip , saying that this man is a good man blah, blah, blah. I was too occupied at that time that I didn't even get the chance to connect with Rommel even in Facebook.

On the day of the trip, I got to know a bit of Rommel when we joined Networx Jetsports Jetski and Boat Fun Run Event. It was at Subic Park Hotel when I heard one of the most inspiring stories - that of how Rommel rose from sleeping inside a kariton when he was a kid to becoming Philippine Distributor at Bike Xtreme PH, Tour Director at Pinoy Explorer Travel and Head of Marketing, Branding and Activation at Ronda Pilipinas.

This man woke up one day crying, qouting him "ayoko ng maging mahirap". But unlike others who just hated being poor, Rommel worked hard and strived to be an inspiration to many.

The next day at Le Charme Suites Subic, this guy amazed us more with his sense of humor, his care for the environment, his inspiring words of wisdom and the love for his family. Rommel may be a lot younger that I am, but he definitely faced, battled and won more wars than I did.

I like stories like Rommel's. Thess was right all along, Rommel Bobiles is a good man, blah, blah, blah.

Check Rommel's page and be inspired by his life story and his daily reflections. For hassle free travel, visit Pinoy Explorer Travel at https://www.facebook.com/pinoyexplorertravel/.

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