May 27, 2017

Moldex Residences Aspen

It's the first time I booked an accommodation in Baguio using, unfortunately when I reached Moldex Residences Aspen there wasn't any one in the unit where I booked. I panicked because it was raining hard and there weren't enough time to find a place since my husband was too tired to drive for we left Manila at 3am.

Thank goodness for good people like Ms. Beth, the owner of Unit 202 and 203 who heard my dilemma and asked if I need a place to stay.

I'm highly recommending Ms. Beth's Unit 202 and 2003 in  Moldex Residences Aspen for three reasons. First, the condo is newly-built. Second, the unit is well-kept. Third and most importantly, the owner is kind and easy to transact with.

Moldex Residences Aspen
Ben Palispis Highway, Baguio City
Unit 202 and 2003
Ms. Beth: 0918-7592489 / 0926-9019312

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