May 17, 2017

Skip Archimedes Supercharge Your Life Workshop in the Philippines

I used to just watch Skip Archimedes in videos that inspires people to develop and enhance the whole being, from mind, body and spirit.

Skip was a young gymnast, who overcame serious illnesses, a coma, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become a Gymnastic Champion and now a famous motivational speaker.

Today at Marco Polo Hotel, I finally meet in person The Miracle Man for the prescon of his workshops in the Philippines.

Skip workshop will definitely help you achieve personal productivity through energy and mental focus.

Benefits from attending this workshop: 

1. Discover why 1000s of leaders and self-made millionaires around the workd are being more productive with more money and energy to enjoy life.
2.  Supercharge your health, mind, body and spirit to achieve your full potential.
3.  Learn tge difference between fitness and health to supercharge your physical and mental energies.
4. Say goodbye to aches, pains and food that actually harm your body and a lot more!

Skip with media who covered the prescon

Skip Archimedes' Supercharge your life Workshop in the Philippines schedules are as follows: June 10 at SMX SM Aura, June 14 at SMX Davao and June 17 at Cebu Trade Hall

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