May 4, 2017

Sparklelab Mommy Bloggers and Kids Event

Having  teen twins, Julia and Rafael and 11 year old Juan is not an easy feat when it comes to stimulating their intelligence. I can't just enrol them in an activity that they find BORING.

Last week, Julia and Juan came with me for Sparklelab Mommy Bloggers and Kids Event where we meet Rosanna Lopez, Founder of Sparklelab, Jacqueline Van Den Ende, CEO of Sparklelab and the teachers or mentors.

Sparklelab's present location may be a bit small but it surely is a creative space where mom bloggers, kids and teens engaged in activities of a multidisciplinary character.

Juan, who's always a happy boy, was much more happy while imagining and creating for their group's claymation project.

Julia, who's usually reserved, engaged joyfully in designing the clay up to the post production. Feel free to watch this video and spark the imagination and creativity of your kid or kids. Who knows, Sparklelab may just be  the learning place you're looking for.

About Sparklelab:

Sparklelab was founded by Rosanna Lopez in 2013 and with Jacqueline van Ende as the CEO, Sparklelab is expanding. Soon to open in Quezpn City, Makati and Alabang. 

Participants assume various roles and develop skills in areas of design, media, technology and the arts. They develop projects individually and collaboratively, within and across disciplines.

Sparklelab is a safe and inclusive space where all participants are encouraged and supported as they take on roles, assume identities, explore, experiment and collaborate in both the social and creative contexts.

Integral to this are the values of respect, kindness, mutual understanding and accepting and celebrating diversity.

Sparklelab is a connected space where ideas, models, practices, innovations and creations are informed and inspired by, are relevant and meaningful to, and are developed and shared with a wider community whether physical or virtual.

There is a place called Sparklelab where strange and wonderful things happen. Where everyday objects like Lego’s, sewing kits, motors and inflatable pools converge in unique and compelling ways.

They design new learning spaces, both physical and virtual, that support collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, inquiry, experimentation and youth-driven production.

They offer a number of hands-on workshops for kids, teens and adults, which range from media production, game design and development and toy making to soft circuits, e-textiles and physical computing. We also offer professional development workshops for K-12 teachers and administrators, and for faculty in institutions of higher education.

Sparklelab acts as a research and development space where kids will learn while having fun. Mentors or teachers are artists, designers, gamers, storytellers musicians, hackers, producers, cartographers, journalists, collaborators, inventors, engineers, thinkers, explorers, educators, architects, builders and many more.
Byte Size is Sparklelab's flagship program for little tinkerers, scientists, artists and engineers! Our two-hour play groups are filled with stories, wacky design jams and lots of play. For children ages 3.5 to 7 years. This summer, Byte Size is hosting a Circus of Delight filled with cute little animals, clowns, colors and games. Listen to stories. Play dress up Wiggle, giggle, build, paint and craft. Children will learn about storytelling, sensory play, role-playing, tinkering, simple circuits, arts and crafts and more.

 455 P.Guevarra Street, San Juan  

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