June 29, 2017

Benefits of Sleepovers

I used to spend sleepovers in my cousins' (both in Mama and Papa's side) place when I was a kid. I enjoyed each moment when my kids ask to spend the night away from home or if they want a friend to spend the night in our home, John and I allow them to.

Unlike before where kids just play, watch television and sleep, kids now are more hands on. They like helping around the just like Juancho's frinds, Gavin and Kento.

Benefits of Sleepovers

1. Children successfully gain independence and enhance self-esteem.

2. Kids experience new activities, eat different foods and try different things they don't do at their own home. My son doesn't eat ribs and mami (noodles) but when he tasted it at Gavin's house,  , Juan realized how much he he likes it now.

3. Kids will get to learn how to behave in someone else’s house, hence it is a good practice for you to know if you kid is practcing the basic manners such as saying please, excuse me and thank you.

4. Children (as well as parents) will have a chance to unwind and relax if they spend the night away from home.

5. Children will make happy memories of their childhood. Family is the most important unit for a child but at some point, a child needs to build relationships with friends with whom he or she will find trust and fun bonding time.

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