June 29, 2017

Mall of Korea

Mall of Korea run a contest from different blogs wherein winners will receive spending gift certificates worth P1,500 .  I won from Leomy's blog contest and as soon as the prize was ready, I went at Mall of Korea.  I was given 5 coupons in 300 denominations each instead of P1,500 gift certificates. I was supposed to buy my daughter a P1,900 denim pants but the cashier said I can only use one coupon per transaction which would mean I have to add P1,600 instead of just P400. Plus, the coupons cannot be used for sale items! What the fudge!

I called on for the manager but he said it is their policy even if I told him it wasn't specified in the contest rules. Since I didn't see any positive response from the manager, my family and I just left Mall of Korea. I threw the coupons in the bin and I vowed never to go back at Mall of Korea again. It was such a waste of time, gas and effort because their policies didn't coincide with the contest rules and conditions stated at the blogs who ran the contest.

Last week after covering the Grand Launch of Success Mall I saw Mall of Korea just in front of PBA Cafe. It had a big sign that said Sale. Out of curiosity, Donna, Kim, Kib and I went in.

I posted this video in my FB account and the next day, friends trooped to Mall of Korea to buy from this inconsiderate store. Even Carie, who's based in USA asked her sister Bing to buy clothes for her.

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