June 7, 2017

Rajo Laurel for American Standard

Although the event invite was a short notice I couldn't refuse because of three reasons, I love the PR, I'm a fan of Rajo Laurel and our showers at home are all American Standard brand. 

When you say American Standard, one is assured of a brand known for creating beautiful, quality and stylish showers. 

Rajo Laurel for American Standard collaboration on Showers of Happiness is a functional art that raises the the standard for a highly enjoyable living.

At the event, three collections of American Standard shower system, named Enjoyment, Essential, and Experience, were introduced.

Indulge in Showers of Happiness as American Standard offers a promotion from June 1 to July 31, 2017, with every purchase of a participating shower package will include the imported Rajo Laurel for American Standard signature towel and bath essentials composed of perfume, hand soap, body wash and lotion. Participating stores for this promotion are Wilcon Depot, CW Depot, All Home and select outlets of American Standard nationwide.

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