June 14, 2017


I have attended a lot of prescon for new online shops but I've never been interested in opening an account until I attended earlier today SUCCESS MALL by SUCCESS COACH JOHN CALUB. Unlike other online shops where you just spend shopping, Success Mall allows shoppers to earn. It's like having a business minus the capital.

Success Mall (www.successmall.biz), the country’s first “WORD-OF-MOUSE” shopping community is a hybrid online marketplace and deal website that offers an array of local and international products and services at huge discounted prices with “FREE” delivery directly to your house.  But unlike other online shopping websites, Success Mall gives Filipinos an opportunity to start their own e-commerce business from home without the need to shell out any capital.  Simply register for a free account, shop at the website regularly and recommend the products and services to family members and friends through your social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Each time your referred community of shoppers buys at Success Mall, you and the referrers start sharing the earned rebate points that can be withdrawn in cash via banks all over the world through the Success Mall VISA debit card. Or you can use the same accumulated cash rebates to purchase again, which means that your own shopping expenses automatically get covered.

How does the website accomplish this?  Every new person that signs up in Success Mall is given a unique affiliate link that you simply share through social networks and SuccessMall’s affiliate system tracks exactly who becomes part of the community of shoppers under your wing.  After you have successfully invited them to register for free under your affiliate account, you’ll start earning cash rebates immediately from every purchase and repeat purchases of products and services of these people who are tagged under you. What this means to you is that you simply encourage other people to sign-up only once and you’ll earn from their repeat purchases for the rest of your life even while you’re sleeping! 

We asked Success Mall founder John Calub how he came up with this billion dollar idea? According to Success Coach John Calub, “In my more than 10 years of teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshops across the country and around the globe, I often teach that wealthy people earn through “PASSIVE INCOME” (i.e. income without working) as opposed to “ACTIVE INCOME”, the income of the poor.  Through SuccessMall, we can now offer an opportunity for Filipinos around the globe to start their own e-commerce business without capital, which at the same time gives them another source of passive income.” 

On the other end, John Calub humbly shares “part of our company’s vision is not only to help consumers buy products affordably online and earn from referrals, Success Mall was created to help small and medium scale entrepreneurs (SME’s) promote their brand and sell their products to a global market faster, 24-hours a day,  through free “word-of-mouse” marketing.”  

Our next question to John, what is the difference between “word-of-mouth” and “word-of-mouse” marketing?  “According to a survey by Nielsen, 91 percent of Filipinos trust “word-of-mouth” product and service recommendations by known family members and friends.  That’s really the key now to effective marketing. But with the rise of Internet marketing, it’s now less talk and more typing and sharing online through social networks. Thus we are using “word-of-mouse” marketing, which can easily allow us to make SuccessMall and all its products and services go viral to a global market in lightning like speed and in a more cost-effective way.  In short, today brands are no longer what companies say it is.  It is what consumers tell each other it is on the Internet. 

Who is the team behind this very exciting Internet start-up?  John Calub assembled a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who run several very profitable businesses already.  John exclaims, “I believe that more than just financial capital, a strong advisory board is what makes or breaks any start-up. Our board of directors is composed of myself, Ms. Sarah Deloraya and Claudia Cui (Owners SPD Job Contracting and Consultancy Services) Attorney Boyet Tabao (Managing Partner of Westwood Law), Heddy Tabao (President, Klassic Marketing), Rowena Paragas (President of NYD International Placement Agency) and Michael Maranan (President of Windfreight Express Total Logistics, Incorporated).  We also have on our team millennial Internet marketing genius Carl Ocab (www.carlocab.com), whose success story was recently featured as part of the cover story of Forbes Asia magazine, as our global ambassador. 

For merchants interested in getting their products and services, you may contact the merchant partnership department of Success Mall by calling 576-4079 or visit the merchant inquiry section at www.successmall.biz.  

For those wanting to explore and engage in the profitable world of e-commerce, come over to the grand launching of Success Mall this June 24, 2017 (Saturday), 5 pm at the PBA Café, 2nd Floor, Metrowalk Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.  The grand launching shall be complemented by the launch of the “Search For Mr. and Ms. Internet 2017” a contest for millennial digital influencers who will eventually become ambassadors of Success Mall.  The evet will feature a technology fashion show featuring 20 gorgeous millenial male and female models plus performances from bands and other artists.  For updates, like us in Facebook at  www.facebook.com/successmallph.  Are you ready to shop, share and earn? Log-on to www.successmall.biz/free and start your own e-commerce business for free today!    

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