June 30, 2017

ToyCon 2017 Day 1

John and I came very early today at SMX Convention in MOA for ToyCon 2017 Day 1 to geta glimpse of what to expect and be able to share it with you my dear readers.

While my husband enjoyed buying toys and other stuff, I roamed around and had fun playing games and winning prizes!

What’s instore this year?
SEVEN big international celebrities for the Filipino fans to enjoy an up close and personal encounter! These include: Carla Perez – Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers 90s TV Series, Charlie Bewley – The Vampire Dmitri, from the Twilight movie franchise, Lindsay Mckeon – Tessa the Reaper from the hit TV series, Supernatural, Karen Fukuhara – Katana of the Suicide Squad, Stefan Capicic – Colossus in the Deadpool Movie, Cas Anvar – the voice of Altair in Assassins Creed:Revelations, Kevin McNally – Joshamee Gibbs in all 5 Pirate of the Caribbean movies
The TOYCON also boasts of some of the biggest exhibits in the world of popular culture and this year’s highlights include:  Japan’s top toy brand, Kotobukiya, displays its latest line of Marvel, Star Wars and DC figurines along with the launch of the Frame Arms Girl Anime and merchandise.  Warner Brothers features its movie exhibit of its upcoming line of hit movies, IT, Ninjago, Justice League and the original movie prop doll of the horror cult classic, Annabelle.  Mars Ravelo’s Superheroes are featured in their classic art and comic form courtesy of the Mars Ravelo Estate and ABS CBN Licensing.  The TOYCON Toy Club Gallery – The biggest toy collectors’ exhibit ever assembled under one roof featuring top toy brands, Kotobukiya, Enesco, Bandai, Hero Cross, Hasbro, Mattel, Hot Toys and Lego. This exhibit makes ToyCon one of the most photographed events in the country.
 Artists Alley and custom artwork - fans meet their favorite local and international guest artists for custom sketches, signing and art critiquing
 The biggest dealer floor of around 240 merchants of various pop-culturemerchandise, comics, accessories, cosplay merchandise, toys and collectibles.
 The grand finals of the World Cosplay Summit Philippine Championship and our very own TOYCON Cosplay Competition
 The awarding of the very first Pinoy Pop Culture Awards
 Musical performances by British electronic duo, Addictive TV and top local bands
 ToyClicks toy photography competition and the Toy Customization contest

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