June 14, 2017

Twitter, Globe and Smart Joins Hand in Hand to Provide Daily Entertainment

There maybe many social media flatforms in knowing what’s happening in the world but admittedly, Twitter provides the faster, data-friendly and more accessible when it comes to mobile web experience.

This month, Twitter, Globe and Smart joins hand in hand to provide daily entertainment updates  to over 120 Million Mobile Phone Subscribers in the Philippines. The three giants promised a daily entertainment updates via Twitter Lite to help Filipinos stay updated on what’s happening with their favorite Pinoy idols and be part of the global conversation. The partnership with Globe Telecom and Smart Communications will extend the benefits of Twitter Lite to over 120 million mobile subscribers in the Philippines, including those living in outlying islands and rural areas. 

Globe will be promoting Twitter Lite through a custom Twitter timeline t.co/GlobeEntertainment and Twitter data pack through SMS marketing and USSD menu browser to their subscribers. Smart will offer a custom Twitter timeline t.co/SmartEntertainment and Twitter data pack through SMS marketing to their subscribers, as well as expose Twitter Lite on the Opera browser speed dial.

Twitter Lite provides a faster, data-friendly and more accessible mobile web experience for Filipinos across the country. Through Progressive Web App technology, Twitter Lite allows up to 70% data saving, 30% faster launch time, and takes up less than 1 MB memory on mobile devices. 

Those on Twitter Lite will also enjoy app-like performance such as a wide range of push notifications and offline support without the need for an App Store or Google Play account. The latest version of Twitter Lite adds Poll creation and safety features to block, mute and report, alongside other key features of Twitter on the mobile web experience. Twitter Lite is available at mobile.twitter.com — on smartphone or tablet in 42 languages including Tagalog. Both partners will also be doing roadshows across the country to support promoting Twitter Lite. 

Tina Pang, Head of Sales, Twitter Southeast Asia, said, “The Philippines is one of our key emerging markets worldwide and we are committed to providing the best way for Filipinos to get live updates in news, entertainment and sports on Twitter. We are excited to announce Twitter Lite today with our partners Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, to bring a better mobile web experience for Filipinos across the country, especially those in outlying islands and rural areas with network connectivity issues, to stay updated with their favorite Filipino idols.”

Albert de Larrazabal – Chief Commercial Officer, Globe Telecom said, “As the mobile leader and the purveyor of the digital lifestyle in the Philippines, this partnership with Twitter will reinforce the Philippines’ title as the ‘Social Media Capital’ in the world which we jump started in 2014 by introducing digital lifestyle in the country. With Twitter Lite, our customers now have the means to stay up to date with the latest local news and follow their favorite entertainment stars in an affordable and accessible way.”

Harvey Libarnes - VP, Digital Products & Partnership, Smart Communication stated “Our partnerships with Twitter will extend our reach to our 63 million subscribers across the Philippines
through Twitter Lite, including those living in outlying islands and rural areas. By subscribing to
t.co/SmartEntertainment, they will have access to the latest information on their favorite Pinoy stars and be part of the global conversation.” 

Dwi Adriansah, Head of Business Development, Twitter Southeast Asia & Australia, said, “Filipinos are passionate about their entertainment shows and TV stars, which is why Entertainment is one of the most talked about topics in the Philippines on Twitter today. For example, we saw over 4.6 millions Tweets during AlDub’s first ever teleserye Destined to be Yours pilot episode. We are excited to partner with two of the largest telcos in the country, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, to provide data-friendly, real-time updates on what’s happening with love couples like Aldub, KathNiels, and JaDine to the latest teleseryes and unite entertainment-loving Filipinos across the nation via Twitter Lite.” 

Here’s some innovative features of Twitter Lite: 

SMS notification from Globe and Smart
Globe and Smart subscribers will receive an SMS alert with a link to the special curated timeline on Twitter Lite to get live updates on Entertainment in the Philippines. 
Turn on data saver mode in Twitter Lite
Users can enable data saver mode on Twitter Lite to enjoy real-time Entertainment content in an affordable manner at any time and reduce their data usage by up to 70%. In this mode, users will see a preview of images and videos before choosing which ones to fully load.  
Receive push notifications on Android
On the Android platform, there’s no fear of missing out as you can get push notifications to what’s happening in your Twitter network or what people are talking about in local and global sports and entertainment scene.
Offers offline support
Even when you temporarily lose connectivity, Twitter Lite will offer offline support, so you will never be interrupted while enjoying the latest teleseryes updates in the specially curated Twitter timeline.
Available in home screen
To easily access the custom Entertainment timeline on Twitter Lite, follow the prompt to add Twitter Lite to your phone’s home screen to quickly launch the app with just one tap. For those who have the native app already installed with faster devices and connection speeds, you can easily move from the web experience to the native app.

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