July 13, 2017

44th Birthday

Known by family and friends as someone who likes throwing impromptu parties and get together, they were  surprised when I said no celebration for my 44th birthday. Even my husband couldn't believe it. John said I'm just having birthday blues.

In fact, I was actually deeply happy turning a year older that I wanted to quietly celebrate it by sleeping the whole day. Why? You see I lost my mother in 1993. Mama was just 43. After losing Mama, my goal since then is to live longer than her.

What's my birthday wish? Number one, peace in Marawi. Secondly, to live longer than my father whom we lost last year at the age of 66.

Thanks to Nana Nadal for this lovely birthday cake by Hizon's Catering. The cake prompted John and I to have an instant celebration at home.

Also thanks to my daughter Kulia for buying aMy birthday wish, to live lo

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