July 26, 2017

Lite Premium 16-in-1 Health Drink

I know how it feels to be on a heavy side because I used to be cute and cuddly, in short CHUBBY, when I was younger. More than the aesthetics, it was difficult on my health because I had difficulty breathing and walking.

Lately I'm gaining weight again, 8lbs to be exact, and once more I'm experiencing the negative side of having extra pounds.

I'm thankful that my high school classmate, Ferdie Adajar, introduced Lite Premium 16-in-1 Health Drink to me. I just tried it for a week and I can feel the difference already. Whenever we go to the beach, I'm always wearing rash guard and ladies board shorts to hide my bulging tummy. In El Nido Palawan, I was able to let go of the rash guards  and wore cute haltered swimsuits and sexier ladies board shorts!

It is actually hard to believe other person's experienxe so I suggest you give Ferdie and his wife Glenda a call at 0908-8724299, 09399278014 and 985-6590 and in Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/glenda.adajara, to see for yourself the effect of this Lite Premium 16-in-1 Health Drink. Who knows, this might be the slimming, anti-aging and whitening drink you've been looking for. It is a product distributed by Inochi Intertrade.




Say goodbye to those hidden bulges and gloomy skin with LITE 16-in-1 Slimming and Whitening Drink in Refreshing Lemon Iced Tea Flavor.

Lite 16in1 Slimming and Whitening Premium Health Drink contains DANDELION! 

Even world-famous fitness expert Jillian Michaels attest to the weight-loss efficacy and health benefits of this powerful herb. 

Kung sila napabilib, siguradong bibilib ka din. If you want to lose weight the healthy way, Lite 16in1 Premium Drink is the best way!


LITE also contains ASHITABA, GINSENG, MORINGA, KELP and DANDELION to provide you with essential nutrients for your over-all health.

Enhanced with L-GLUTATHIONE and COLLAGEN, LITE is a sure way to make you slim down without that dry and saggy skin usually associated with losing weight.

Unlike other products, LITE contains premium and natural ingredients which are EFFECTIVE in providing you with wholesome benefits for optimum wellness.


Its like taking your DAILY DOSE OF VEGETABLES enriched with dietary fiber, anti-oxidants and over-all nutrition in one refreshing drink with SLIMMING and WHITENING effect! Satisfied and overwhelmed clients are raving about the most refreshing and effective SLIMMING and WHITENING beverage in town, Lite 16-in-1 Premium Health Drink.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 21g
Serving per Container
Amount per serving
Calories 60 Ca    0
                                         % Daily Value
Total Fat                         0g               0%
Sat Fat                            0g               0%
Cholesterol                     0mg           0%
Fiber                                20g            14%
Sugar                              less than 2g
Protein                            less than 2g
Vitamin A 25%
Vitamin C 20%
Calcium    18%
Iron Less than 3%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.
*Vitamins are based on 21g serving size.

Bakit nga ba maganda ang produktong LITE 16in1 Premium Health Drink?

Bukod sa effective at masarap ang Lite, napakaraming dahilan kung bakit maganda ang produktong ito, sample tayo ng ilan:
1. Ni-research at pinag aralan mabuti ang active ingredients ng Lite. Hindi basta kinopya lang sa ibang formulation, kasi "trending" ang ingredients o kaya "in" kaya isinali na sa formula,
2. 16 in 1 ang formulation ng Lite, hindi sobrang baba ng number of actives kasi sayang ang bayad ni client, hindi din sobrang taas ng actives na halos wala nang effect ang individual active ingredients,
3. May FDA license,
4. Hindi nagmi-misclaim na HALAL certified (kahit on-going na ang application ng certification ng Lite as HALAL),
5. Hindi nagbibigay ng false claims sa ingredients para lang makabenta,
6. To top it all, may award na nagpapatunay ng quality ng produkto, hindi lang isa kundi tatlo pa!

Paano nga ba nakakapayat ang Lite Premium Health Drink 16in 1???
First is DETOXIFICATION because of the potent herbs and vegetables included in the formulation. Its like consuming high amount of vegetables that will result to a high fiber diet which will cleanse your body toxins esp in the colon. Very big help to people who does not take too much veggies, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, constipated and those with the dangerous visceral fats.

Next there is also APPETITE SUPPRESANT and LESS HUNGER CRAVINGS because of garcinia cambogia, white kidney bean, yerba mate, which raises serotonin (body chemical that makes you feel hungry), hinders breakdown of carbohydrates making you feel full.

There is also an effect of INCREASED METABOLIC RATE and DIURESIS because of garcinia cambogia,  lcarnitine, green tea, yerba mate, ginseng, turmeric and hibiscus (kindly refer to the product info indicated in the box).

After the detoxification, skin will BRIGHTEN and REJUVENATE with the help of lglutathione, collagen and acai berry. 

Usual effect is regular and lighter bowel lalo na ung mga hindi pa nakapagdetox before tlagang ilalabas nila lahat ng dumi through poop and sweat. Tapos minsan wala na gana kumain at lesser cravings resulting to weight loss. Also remind your clients to drink 2 - 3 liters of water to assist in flushing out the toxins.

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