July 30, 2017

True Value Kitchen Appgrade with Chef Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo

She was just 12 or 13 when I first met in an event. Such a beautiful girl with so much passion for cooking! And there I was, a mom of three, with zero knowledge about cooking Pinoys favorite adobo, watching her cook in front of a big crowd.

I am talking about Chef Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo! She landed as the Pinoy Junior Master Chef finalist some 5 years ago (if I'm not mistaken).

Today she is an Ambassador for cooking and kitchen appliances and also for Operation Smile. I was happy to see her at the True Value Kitchen Appgrade in Shangri-La Mall. She's already 18 and have grown prettier and taller. Despite her success, I like that she has remained humble and still as accommodating as when the first time I saw her. This time Juancho was with me. When I introduced Juan to Chef Louise, Juan immediately said, "She's in the Nickolodeon commercial as one of the talented young people".

Although she was raised in the United Kingdom, she remains simple and a loving daughter to her parents. Aside from that she delights in giving back by helping local charities and organizations

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