August 13, 2017

Manulife versus Sunlife

When I was pregnant with the twins in 2002, I decided to get a life insurance. After a month, John got one also. The next year when Julia and Rafael were born, we got for them as well. And in 2006,  when Juan was born, we insured him too.  All these five insurances are under Sunlife.

In 2012 when my friend Rose Gacad needed sales, I got a VUL for the three kids (an insurance that earns dividends) with Manulife. Then followed by my Eve (an insurance that covers dreaded diseases for women) then we got VUL John three years ago.

To cut the nonsense, napuna ko lang na mas maganda ang extra service ng Manulife compared to Sunlife. To think I've been to Sunlife 10 years earlier than Manulife. May free coffee pa ang Manulife sa kanilang Main Branch in Ayala. Meron din bang pa kape sa Main Branch ang Sunlife? For Sunlife kasi I pay at either Paseo Branch or Ortigas Branch. Wala akong nakikitang free coffee doon. One time I asked the Manager in Paseo Branch, "Do you have complimentary coffee for your clients here?". To which she replied with a question, "gusto nyo po ba ng coffee?". I didn't bother asking again, nakakahiya yung para kang nanlilimos ng kape, hahahaha!

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