September 9, 2017

Arnel and Belle's Wedding

I'm most humbled when I'm asked to stand as ninang and today is my third time to be a sponsor (commonly called ninang in the Philippines) for Arnel and Belle's Wedding. 

Belle and I met last year when she was tasked by Hi-Precision for a home service in FBS and other blood works for my husband. We became close because I felt Belle's sincerity in helping us during those trying times. 

When Arnel and Belle came over to asked me to be their Ninang, I immediately said yes. Arnel is equally a good man. Bagay na bagay silang dalawa.

John and I didn't stay for the reception as we had to run for my cousin's Kuya Virgil's 50th Birthday. Here's some of the videos I took from the wedding mass. 

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