September 17, 2017

DIY - Tassle Earrings

I've seen friends wear tassle earrings and I must admit I like what I see specially when Mela Sison wears 'em. I wondered for a long time if I can carry tassle earrings but I'm more into necklaces and bracelets than earrings. 

After attending Urban Home Filipino Exhibit at Shangri-La last  August John and I were given each a candle wrapped beautifully with a tassle on top. 

As an advocate of recycling and upcycling, nothing is more fun than seeing things that can be used and reused for a different purpose.  Diy-ing my own jewelry, tassle earrings to be exact! 

Presenting my first ever tassle earrings, tadaaaaaaaa!

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