September 6, 2017


At our recent stay in OneA Bed and Breakfast, we had so much fun playing Fuzboll.

Fuzboll or foosball, also called table football, is a table-top game that is loosely based on association football. It is a game resembling soccer in which the ball is moved by turning rods to which small figures of players are attached. 

A "Foos" is when you block your opponent's shot or pass and kick it back in their own goal. This is also known as a "stuff" because you actually stuff the ball.

Table football can be played by two individuals (singles) – and also with four people (doubles), in which there are teams of two people on either side. In this scenario, one player usually controls the two defensive rows and the other team member uses the midfield and attack rows. In informal matches, three or four players per side are also common. Spinning the ball while putting it in the play for the advantage of the placement team is allowed. A goal scored only by placing the ball in the hole with spin is legal. 

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