September 25, 2017

Travel Sale 2017

It's been years since this travel fair started in the Philippines. Each year, I'd line up very early at the doors to be able to buy cheap airfare but to no avail because lining up is boring and tiring. 

Travel Sale 2017 sounded a different tune for me as I was able to book one local tour for John and I, and two international travels for the #Mendiolables. For this, I'd like to extend my gratitude to the people I met, who encouraged me "na mag tiyaga lang".  Our endless kwentuhan and tawanan made the long wait fun. 

Salamat Geraldine Crispino, Mutya Crispino Redondo, Ericka Rolle, Joy Zaragoza and Joven David (I hope I got his name right). Thanks also for Malen and Cielo's niece.

If you/re planning to travel in the nest few years, I highly recommend you visit the next Travel Sale which happens every July in SMX MOA. Hope to see you there next year.

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