October 24, 2017

Costa Sands Kampung Hut

After booking a flight to Singapore at The Travel Fair, I booked 2 nights stay at Costa Sands via booking.com. At P6,000 for two nights, it was the cheapest I saw during that time. It also said it was near the attractions in Sentosa area so I was happy with it until we saw that our Kampung Hut was far from the common toilets. Kampung Hut, by the way, is quite similat with our Nipa Hut.

In fairness to Costa Sands and Booking.com, they specified that what I was booking uses common toilets, has small space, with no amenities.

Costa Sands is actually clean, it's just that we were placed far from the toilets. Having incontinence myself, I wouldn't suggest Kampung Hut for anyone who has the same condition. Better book a room at Costa Sands Main Hotel, which is walking distance from Kampung Huts. If you're backpackers with adventurous spirit, go ahead with Kampung Hut just don't forget to bring toiletries and mosquito repellent lotion.

They have washing machine to be used by any guests at 4sgd, drier is also at 4sgd (around P150, depending on the conversion rate). The place is surrounded by the panoramic view of the South China Sea and is just 4-minute walk from the beach.

We love the fresh orange juice,  at 2sgd (around P75) placed near the pool area. Costa Sands is quite popular to Filipinos. While staying there, I met group of friends and families staying for 2 to 3 days. I was able to chat with some of them.

Address: 30 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099537
Contact Number: +65 6275 1034

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