October 20, 2017

Siopao Sisters

We're not sisters but we're always thought of as siblings. Probably we all have chinita looks, fair complexion and wide forehead (ha!ha!ha!). We actually call ourselves Siopao Sisters because of our wide, circular face. 

All our names ends with 'y', Zeny, Amy and Joy. I met them n 2006 when our resoective kids studied in Angels Institute of Learning. We had so much fun every time we meet in school. We became so close especially when we travelled in Ilocos at stayed at Amy's place.

When Zen transferred in Cavite and our kids changed schools, we seldom get to see each other. Our get together is always impromptu. Thanks to Zen for forcing me to open an account at City State. At least we got to have a biglaang pagkikita.

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