October 2, 2017

TELUS International Philippines

TELUS International Philippines (TIP) was established in the Philippines in 2005, and has since set itself apart from other BPO companies – distinguishing itself through a caring company culture that puts its team members first. TIP has made its mark, not just in the business processing outsource (BPO) industry, but on its team members as well through engaging programs, events and activities that give them a change of pace from the corporate setting. These include corporate social responsibility events like TELUS Days of Giving, sports and wellness activities like the TELUS Healthy Living Cup, and a slew of parties and social events like the much awaited Town Hall.

Beyond these engagement efforts, TIP continues to prove that theirs is indeed a culture that cares by providing a working environment that captures and inspires the imagination. In its newest office at McKinley West, the global BPO offers a whole new set of work spaces designed specifically to delight their team members. “Unlike most BPO offices which were created for pure function and basic comfort, our workplace is designed to be an experience that will make your day better. As our team members‟ second home, we want to make sure that the 8 to 9 hours they spend at work is spent surrounded by things that matter to them. For us, it‟s all about the experience. Everything from the engagements and events that we celebrate, corporate social responsibility initiatives that we champion, the inspiring workplaces that we create, and the connections that we develop with our team members -- they all come together to shape the work experience that we want our team members to look forward to everyday." said Warren  Tait, TIP's Vice President for Brand, Marketing and Culture.

TELUS House McKinley West exudes a fun and laid-back vibe that is probably most evident in its array of themed meeting rooms, colorful hallways, and vibrant common areas. Once the elevator doors open in each floor, team members are immediately welcomed by halls reminiscent of a high school (but better!) --- vivid and multi-colored lockers embellished with cool and amusing keychains, chatty groups of people roaming the halls, friends in twos or threes making their way to the pantry. TELUS International takes meeting rooms very seriously. In fact, there are no two themed meeting rooms that are alike across any TELUS International site worldwide. And TELUS McKinley West houses a couple of standout ones.

The Board Game Room, lets team members actually carry out the phrase "work and play" literally, with a huge black-and-white chess board on the ceiling, a life-sized playable tic-tac-toe on one wall. A full-length meeting table made out of legos, and chairs in the shape of puzzle pieces.  Not only do these areas provide team members a source of inspiration, their picturesque features make for the perfect Instagram backdrop for selfies and groufies.
Container Truck Room

Gym is located just beside the pantry, where personal fitness coaches are always available to give workout tips, and where team members can exercise on state-of-the-art gym equipment while overlooking a lush and green park through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Jeepney Room's stainless steel exterior, complete with wheels and many hood ornaments, resembles a larger-than-life version of the country‟s most popular mode of transportation. Its ice cream-colored interiors look like that of a regular jeepney but cleaner and much more spacious.

Ocean Park Room, transports team members in an underwater enclosure with cool blue interiors and sea life imagery.

The pantry has a food park concept that allows Team members to choose between the many tables and chairs in the middle of the room, dining areas on one side that are designed to look like shipping containers, or simply lounge at the spacious wooden terraces on the other corner of the room.
Talent Acquisition Area

To share a glimpse of what it‟s like to work inside the colorful and inspiring workspaces at TIP, the company held a mobile photography workshop for a select group of lifestyle bloggers at TELUS House McKinley West last September 28, 2017 with veteran and award-winning photographer, Paul Quiambao.

To know more about TELUS International Philippines, visit telusinternational.com.ph or follow them on social media, Facebook.com/TELUSPh, @TELUS_Ph on Twitter, and @telus_phil on Instagram.

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