November 26, 2017

Pros and Cons of Condo Living

I've been wanting to buy a condominium unit since 2002 but John is not sold to the idea of living in a box with so many neighbors.

John was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and his cardiologist advised a stress free living. Since our 3-storey house is located in a highly commercialized area, it is impossible not to hear the noise of the cars passing by. Hence, impossible to live a tranquil life. The idea of buying a condo still lingers in my mind but shun it.

I was surprised when John told me to look for a condominium. Good thing we have a 3day-2night Sea Residences accommodation from the last event of Fil-Global we covered. We used it to check if condo living is for us. Thanks to Joseph for handling our booking. Thanks to JV for assisting us for check-in.

After 3 days and 2 nights, have we decided to buy a condo? Well, before buying a unit one must check the pros and cons of condo living.

Pros of condo living:

1. Condo living is attractive because of the sheer convenience it offers -  near workplaces, shops, banks, and other establishments regularly frequented by people. 
2.  Less cleaning up to do.
3.  The amenities are cool - swimming pool, gym, party venues, etc.
4.  Safety - condos have guards and cctvs.

Cons of condo living:
1. Smaller living spaces.
2. Condominium prices is definitely not cheap
3.  You have to dutifully pay those monthly payments, like common area dues, maintenance expenses, guards, etc. etc.
4. You will have to strictly comply with rules whether you like them or not.

Going back to the question, have we decided to buy a condo? We might if the location and price is right.

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