December 31, 2017

Stop Chasing People

It's the last day of 2017. I'm thinking of what to write for this blog to say goodbye to the year that was. Then I read a post on Facebook by co-blogger Reylen of Made It Through Mum, "I don't chase people anymore. I learned that I'm here and I'm important. I'm not going to run after people to prove that I matter!".

Reylen's post hit me hard! I was actually lonely for the last 7 days. I feel left out. I cried hiding the tears because I didn't want my husband and kids to see me crying. They wouldn't understand because I'm a toughie at home. 

I seldom cry hard. I cried hard when Mama passed away in 1993. I cried hard when Lola Ebeng passed away in 2007. I cried hard when Papa passed away in 2016. I mostly cry hard during goodbyes. And for the last 7 days I cried hard because I knew I'm saying goodbye to people that matter to me. 

I'm not blaming anyone but why am I saying goodbye to these people? It doesn't feel right anymore to always be wanting time and attention from people when the people involved does not really care about how you feel. And it doesn't feel right anymore when most of the time you feel left out. 

And for the last 7 days, I feel left out. This has been going on for years. I'm always the last one to be informed of the plans. Always the last one  to know what will happen.  Always the one who's not visited at home. I just let it evrything slide because they are important to me. I cannot blame them, I respect their reasons. 

The last 7 days of crying made me realized that I am not that important to them so why waste time crying. It’s like filling a bucket with hole at the bottom of it. So for the last day of 2017, I'll stop chasing people who doesn’t care how I feel. I'll stop chasing people who doesn’t care. I'll just stop chasing

Mela Sison (the lovely and fashionable Marketing Manager of Raintree Group of Restaurants) said it beautifully in her FB post, "Sometimes, You Just Need To Take A Step Back And See Where All The Pieces Fall... In That Time You Will See What And Who Is Important And Who And What Never Was. This Year, I Have Learned To Forget Those Who Have Forgotten About Me. And I Intend To Keep This Until Next Year. I Mean, It's Never Fair When You Are The Only One Who Remembers, Right?".

December 30, 2017

Sanitized Tools at Beauty and Butter Nail

Having clean, structured and colored nails is one of women's way of relaxing ang feeling good.  It is important to go to Nnail salon that sanitizes tools. Disinfecting tools is as important as hand washing because unclean tools can spread disease and infection.

At Beauty and Butter only sanitized tools touches your skin.

 For your nails and skin pampering, visit Beauty & Butter in these branches :

5F, Megamall Bridgeway (470-4239 or 0917-5925230)
2F, Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Wing (556-9383 or 0917-5925226)
LGF, SM San Lazaro (353-7576 or 0917-5925228)
2F, SM Cebu (236-9133 or 0917-5925331)
Basement Level, Bldg. B, SM Taytay (650-2041 or 0917-8804832)
Ground Floor, SM Jazz Mall (556-7059 or 0917-7178516)
3F, Ayala Fairview Terraces Mall (361-1093 or 0917-8239681)
3F, SM Bacolod (0917-6489840)
2F, Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall

Store Hours:
Weekdays - 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Weekends - 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

December 29, 2017

Foot Reflexology with Back Massage at Footzone Makati

Xiamen foot reflexology is a kind of massage that restores the body’s natural equilibrium and enhance regeneration by activating pressure points in the feet. By having foot massage regularly, the stimulation of reflex points ultimately removes blockages in the energy stream, allowing the chi or life force to properly flow in the body once more. 

Foot Zone specializes in this kind of massage that's why I keep going back. The other reasons why Footzone is on top of my list? First, all the local licensed massage therapists  are taught the special technique of Xiamen foot reflexology by Foot Zone's own Master Massage Therapist from China. Second, the rooms are cozy and comfortable. It feels like being in a business class cabins on a plane. The massage beds and the recliner seats are way too relaxing you wouldn't want the day or afternoon or night of massage to end. Each room has its own television, which allows me not to miss my dose of daily news.  Each room also has its own air conditioning that makes it easy to adjust the temperature to my liking.

First step, a hot bucket of water with petals for foot-soaking, accompanied by a 5- to 10-minute head massage.

With Elise, Operations Manager of  Footzone Makati
Location: 3/F Sunshine Plaza, 56 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Operating Hours: 12 PM to 11:30 PM Daily

Contact Numbers:
(+63 2) 542-7709
(+63 977) 854-7709
(+63 949) 887-7612

December 28, 2017

Korean Tourist Visa Application

I've represented Korea twice in United Nations celebrations when I was in grade school. I probably lool like a Korean so my teachers would choose from Korea, China or Japan. 

Korea was not in my list of countries to visit but because of my daughter Julia, who's into BTS, Wanna One and other KPOP Groups, it is now in the list.

I was supposed to hire a travel agency to do this for us but I read from co-blogger Ruth Dela Cruz of that you can easily do it yourself. 

I have proven it myself, getting a Korean visa is fun, easy, fast and ABSOLUTELY FREE. The hard task for me was locating where I placed all the important documents of my family, the Mendiolables (lol).

To make your application more fun, why not tag along your makulit friend just like what I did.

Procedure for Korean Tourist Visa Application

1. Complete the basic requirements.
               a. Duly accomplished application form
               b. Passport (must still be valid for at least 6 months)
               c. Photocopy of the passport Bio page (Page 2)
               d. 1 passport size colored photo
               e. If invited by a Korean: an Invitation letter and a copy of the inviter’s passport.
                   (Ignore if not applicable.)

2. Financial capability to travel

          A. FOR EMPLOYEES

               a. Certificate of Employment (Must be original; and must have the address of the employer,                 the landline number and email address of employer’s HR department, applicant’s position,                   date hired, and compensation)
              b. Original Personal Bank Certificate (must include account type, current balance, account                     opening date, ADB)
               c. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
               d. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316


               a. Photocopy of Business registration form from DTI or SEC
               b. Photocopy of Business permit or Mayor’s permit
               c. Photocopy of ITR
               d. Original Personal Bank Certificate


               a. Husband’s Original Bank Certificate
               b. Husband’s Original Certificate of Employment
               c. Photocopy of husband’s ITR
               d. Photocopy of NSO Marriage Certificate

           D. FOR STUDENTS

                a. Parents’ Original Bank Certificate
                b. Parents’ Original Certificate of Employment  or Photocopy of parents’ SEC/DTI Permit                    and Mayor’s Permit (whichever is applicable).
                 c. Photocopy of ITR of parents
                 d. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate of applicant
                 e. Photocopy of School ID
                 f. Original School Certificate

            E. FOR FAMILY

               Family applications, documents for proof of relationship is a must. (eg. Marriage Contact,                    Birth Certificate.  Family applications should be filed together at the same window, at the                      same time. Representative may file the visa applications of all family members.)

2. After completing the required documents, applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from 8:30-11 am only, every Monday to Friday.  Riz and I were there as early as 5am! I was number in line. They let applicants in at 730am and started at exactly 8:30am. Applicantion is on a first come, first serve basis.  No appointment is needed.

Representative may file the applications as long as the documents are complete.  Frequent travellers who have previous tourist visits within 5 years to OECD member countries, those who have at least 2 tourist visits to Korea, and seafarers who plan to transit to Korea should apply at Window 3. Those who have no previous tourists visits within 5 years to OECD member countries, and holders of confirmation of visa issuance number must present their documents at Windows 1 or 2.

Processing takes 5 working days for first time travelers and 3 working days for frequent travelers. This may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision.  Ours was released in 3 days.
Releasing time is only from 1:30-4 pm.

Applicants, especially the First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas.  An interview with the Consul may be required before the result of the application is given.  E-6 Applicants/Entertainers, must personally appear for an interview before the visa can be issued.

Validity of visa is only 3 months from the issue date. Do not apply more than 3 months prior to the date of travel.

Visa processing takes 5 working days for first time travellers, and 3 working days for frequent travellers. There is no expedite processing.

Apply for visa prior to purchasing your airline tickets since visa issuance is subject for approval of the consul in charge. 

For other visa information , you may check out,

December 27, 2017

Life Continues

I saw this cute mug at Miniso last October and I thought of my favorite inaanak. She was, at that time, nursing a broken heart.

For this Christmas, I gave her this mug with a note...

"Life continues...
Even after typhoons and hurricanes,
Earthquakes and heartaches"
-Joy Mendiola
Dec. 27, 2017

December 26, 2017

How To Wear Fuzzy Top

A fuzzy top is a nice statement item that will catch the attention of others. Just look at Katy Perry and you know what I mean.  I have soft spot for fuzzy tops or blouses but  unlike Katy I'm afraid to wear one because I do not know if I could pull it off.  I also have to consider the country's warm weather.

After years of hesitation, I finally had the courage to wear my fuzzy tops! And it's Christmas by the way, so the weather is cold.

Here are other ways How To Wear Fuzzy Top:

A Fuzzy top  paired with heels and a statement necklace goes so well. 
A Fuzzy top matched with an infinity scarf for an elegant feel. 
For a Christmas-y chic attire, opt for a fuzzy top paired with white jeans
A Fuzzy top paired with jeans and boots makes a simple yet adorable look 
Go for a bohomian vibe by wearing your  fuzzy top with a maxi skirt and a huge scarf. 
Fuzzy top is so effortlessly chic with an all-black ensemble. 
Fuzzy top over  DIY ripped denim jeans 
Fuzzy top over your favorite black dress and add high boots to look extra fancy. 
Fuzzy top over tights

December 25, 2017

Chef Didier's Welcome Drink

Chef Didier's Welcome Drink will always be number one of my favorite drinks. I told him, I'd like to re-create it at home and he galdly told me how.

Ingredients: A small piece of ginger, 2 stalk lemon grass (only the white stalk),700 ml water, 700 ml sugar, 12 pieces calamsi

Procedure: Squeeze calamansi, then add 700 ml water and 700 ml sugar. Dissolve sugar then add lemon grass and ginger. Boil for 3 minutes. Let it cood for 2 to 3 hours. 

To serve:
Put 1 tablespoon water or sparkling soda, ice, serve..


Instead of water, you can use vodka or wine to add spirit.

You can also replace lemon grass for basil, rosemary or other leafy vegetable. For herbs, put in the beginning. For leafy vegetables, add it at the end after boiling.

December 24, 2017

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

I posted this in May 22, 2012 in my travel blog. I haven't updated it for years, so I'm transporting our travel posts here. Here's the first of the many...

Have you ever wondered how the houses looked during the late 1800s and early 1900s? Wonder no more! You don't even need a time machine to experience the past, just go to Bagac, Bataan where Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is located.  Depending on who's driving, travel time via SCTEX takes about 3 to 4 hours from Manila.

Upon entry, you are greeted by a security personnel wearing a Spanish era guardia sibil outfit.

We then proceeded to the reception area where a very Pinoy welcome drink of sago't gulaman is given to guests and visitors alike.

We stayed at the third floor in a spacious bi-level room in Paseo de Escolta
at P5,525 (weekday rate).

From its original locations, all the materials were carefully  transported in Bagac to re-create brick by brick and plank by plank all these historical houses.

Walking guided tour happens every hour, starting at 8:30 am, to learn about the history of the houses and its owners. I suggest you join the 8:30 am or the 3:30pm to avoid the afternoon heat. Guests are required to leave the slippers or shoes outside each houses to keep it clean and as it was also a practice in the past. Wear flip flops instead of shoes. My sons had difficulty catching up with the tour as they were wearing rubber shoes.

Other fun things to do at Las Casas: Swim at the beach, swim at the pool and   take lots and lots of photos!

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is located at Bo. Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan.

For more informations and/or reservation call their Manila office at 332-5338

or email them at

December 23, 2017

Rekados Cafe Restaurante

The photos below were taken at Rekados Cafe Restaurante in 2013, back when John and I frequented Silang, Cavite to buy furniture for the house we were building. I have completely forgotten to blog about this. John and I were among the few people eating at that time since Rekados wasn't fully operation then.We used to have coffee there but has not returned since then due to busy schedule.

The ambiance feels like we were in Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar. Well, the owner said, it is actually one of their inspirations for the interior, specially the gate.

We were fortunate enough to meet the owner and her 2 children. They toured us around the place and told us how Rekados started. Their business started with a school bus, then trucking. When they bought the lot, they didn't know what to do with it. They just like entertaining and cooking for their friends and families until it turned into a business.

I'll be writing, more on vlogging about Rekados Cafe Restaurante when we find the time to visit them again. Hopefully very soon, as it is one of my to do list in 2018.

They also own Balai Pasalubong, located beside Rekados

Address: Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road, Pasong Langka, Silang, 4116 Cavite
0917 545 5421