December 12, 2017

Bato Bato Pick

Bato Bato Pick is the Philippine version of Rock, Paper, Scissors game. This is the game children (and adults as well) play to determine who will go first on any challenge or who will get the prize. There are variations on how to play this game. Lately, Eat Bulaga has once again popularize this game on their noon time show.

My kumareng Riza made us play this game in our GPTA Christmas Party. I copied it for the Reunion and Christmas Party of friends from Angel's School: The Abelos and The Eugenios.

How it is played. Same as the usual Bato Bato Pick. Get a partner. Each player must have P20 (you can ask them for a bigger denomination if they are willing). First pair has to compete with each other. The loser will have to give the money to the winner. The same process goes until the last pair. The winners will then compete against each other, until the last player wins all the money. If any of the winners wish not to compete with the other winner, he or she may opt to keep her winnings.

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