December 2, 2017

Eye See Fashion

Looking for eye glasses that fits my style, lifetsyle and all other considerations like shape of my face, color of hair, etcetera, etcetera, takes a minimum of 48 hours. Seriously! I'm fickle-minded when it comes to glasses because I do not want to look oldie-oldie than my age.

Thanks to Eye See Fashion for my new spectacles made in Korea. Brand is BLSY, that's made of light weight material, called Ultem, so I don't feel like wearing glasses, I just remember I am because I can see very clear (wink!).

Eye See Fashion is online in Facebook, Instagram and Shopee. They have awide variety of optical frames. Mostly high quality. They also have limited stocks of branded frames.  Price range is from 750- 4500 with free shipping. They also replace lenses but clients have to provide prescription.

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