December 29, 2017

Foot Reflexology with Back Massage at Footzone Makati

Xiamen foot reflexology is a kind of massage that restores the body’s natural equilibrium and enhance regeneration by activating pressure points in the feet. By having foot massage regularly, the stimulation of reflex points ultimately removes blockages in the energy stream, allowing the chi or life force to properly flow in the body once more. 

Foot Zone specializes in this kind of massage that's why I keep going back. The other reasons why Footzone is on top of my list? First, all the local licensed massage therapists  are taught the special technique of Xiamen foot reflexology by Foot Zone's own Master Massage Therapist from China. Second, the rooms are cozy and comfortable. It feels like being in a business class cabins on a plane. The massage beds and the recliner seats are way too relaxing you wouldn't want the day or afternoon or night of massage to end. Each room has its own television, which allows me not to miss my dose of daily news.  Each room also has its own air conditioning that makes it easy to adjust the temperature to my liking.

First step, a hot bucket of water with petals for foot-soaking, accompanied by a 5- to 10-minute head massage.

With Elise, Operations Manager of  Footzone Makati
Location: 3/F Sunshine Plaza, 56 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Operating Hours: 12 PM to 11:30 PM Daily

Contact Numbers:
(+63 2) 542-7709
(+63 977) 854-7709
(+63 949) 887-7612

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