December 11, 2017

Garage Sale

John and I are certified shopaholics! We buy stuff in whatever mood we're into - mad, sad, glad. Because of this buying frenzy our three stockrooms are loaded with a lot of unused and barely used items. I have donated many toys and clothes already but the stuff have turned into humongous monster mess.

What better way to declutter is to hold a garage sale. I've been doing garage sale every December for the last 10 years. I'm telling you, it's fun and therapeutic plus I get to meet people. My favorite among my steady clients are Paz, Eunice and Nanay Flori.

Let me share some tips on holding a garage sale.

1. Identify items for sale. Check your closets, attic, stockroom, playroom and basement for possible items that you haven't used for over 6 months. Sentimental value will always play a big part in choosing the items. If you can't let go, wait til next year.

2. Price Tagging. I actually find it tedious to put a price tag in each item, so what I usually do is ask my husband to manually print the prices on a used paper, then I place it in front of the items.

3. Place and Date. Set the best date of your sale by avoiding the rainy season. Remember to find the right location to ensure you'll sell many items

4. Make sure you have enough tables to put on your stuff, buyers will have difficulty seeing your items if it's placed on the ground. Be sure you have enough hangers to hang the clothes. Also, make sure that the items you are selling are clean. The better the condition of the items the more likely it will be sold.

5. Get ready with enough coins and small bills for change. Remember that garage sale require fast transaction so you have to have enough change.

6. Be a friendly and accommodating seller. This is my forte. I find it very easy to interact with buyers. When I see a buyer with a kid, I throw in some freebies like bubble, small ball, button pins and some candies. They usually come back the next sale day. Customers must feel that you give them high importance.

7. Give discounts. You'll be meeting different types of buyers, most of them would haggle for the best price. Be ready to negotiate with the price that is both beneficial for you and the buyer. If the buyer asks for a very low price, and you can't give it, politely turn down the offer.

8. Get extra hand or help to look after the goods to avoid shoplifting but more so to be able to entertain the customer's queries.

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