December 14, 2017

How To Wear Animal Print

According to fashion experts, animal print never goes out of fashion. In fact animal print is on trend every season. I actually like animal prints, it's just that my husband thinks it does not fit me because it makes me look older.

The question is “should you” own an animal print? Yes, if you like. I own one animal print blazer I bought a long time ago. I seldom wear it, probably once a year or every other year (just to see if it still fits me).

What I wore: Blazer from an online shop, H&M leggings, Breastfeeding blouse, doll shoes
The other question therefore is – how to wear animal print?

1.  Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild. For instance, if your top is a leopard/tiger/zebra print, let the tights/skirt/pants be non-animal. If it’s your dress that has the print, then let your shoes be plain black or nude.

2.  A touch of the same print on your footwear only works when the black, beige or white shade is dominant.

3.  Matching colors and prints is considered a big NO when it comes to animal prints.

4.  Take one large animal print at a time. If your outfit is too wild, tone it down. If you wear an animal print mini dress, you can tone it down by wearing a single-colored-cardigan over your dress in color that blends well with your wild print.

5.  If you wear leopard print tights for example, you can tone down the print by wearing them with knee-length boots in color palette that blends but suppresses the strongest shade of your animal print.

6. Shoes and accessories must be in shades that complement your animal print.

7.  Another way of toning down a large wild is by carrying/wearing accessories that steals attention, but then, their color should always be complementary.

8.  The key, as always, is getting minimal.

9. Take only a single item of animal print (either for your top, bag, shoes or scarf) while the rest of your outfit is entirely neutrals.

10. A new way to wear animal print is to team it with bright colors like shades of pink, red, yellow, orange and pastels work well with leopard print too. 

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