December 22, 2017

Life is Short

My Mama passed away at a young age of 43 in 1993. I was 20 back then. It made me realize how short life is. My father passed away last year. He was 66. He made it passed 50, enough time to spend with us.

Last November I lost a male cousin (father side). Colon cancer. Jay was just 38. Last December 6, I lost another cousin (mother side). Imee was just 44.

My cousins death has once again made me  realize how short life is.  It's time to focus on what's important. Spend more time loving ad understanding the people you love. Let go of the bitterness (ika nga ng isang commercial). Let go of pride, ego, hatred, the need to be recognized, and that hunger for fame that most people strive for.

Life is short. 

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