December 19, 2017

Raising Collector Children

Collecting is an activity worth doing for kids. When kids are between 2 to 6, collections are often whatever the kid's get interested in; normally boys fancy mini die cast cars, just like Rafael, anddolls for girls.

Julia started collecting seashells from the beach when she was 3. Juan on the other hand shifts from one collection to the other. He started with mini cute figures like Gogos, Moshi and Squish. Then shifted to Pokemon cards.

I used to nag my kids about their collections because its all over the place. The clutter of the collection and its impractical nature gives me headache. I'm a changed mom now because having collection or collections teaches kids many valuable lessons. For younger children (5-year-olds and below) it gives them ideas on similarities between things, as well as differences among like objects. Children (7-year-olds and up) develop patience, organizational skills and build healthy relationships. 

Parents, remember not to squash your child’s natural desire to collect because the value of a collection lies not in the objects themselves but what a kid learns through. Instead, encourage your child by providing a place in the house where he or she can store the collection.

Now that twins Julia and Rafael are teens, they more into clothes and gadgets. Well, Juan at almost 12, is into gadgets as well. Their collections are kept in their respective rooms. John's collections are in his secret lair - the toy display room.

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