January 11, 2018

Baked Pork Ribs

Juancho kept me awake until 1am. He insisted Vanj, Julia and I are look-alikes of some Korean supertars. He even Googled their photos and made a collage to prove his point.

After proving his point, he slept soundly while I tossed and turned. So as not to waste time tossing, turning and scratching, at 2am I decided to go to the market. The only available meet was pork ribs since I'm too early for the market. With nothing in mind as to what to do with the ribs, I just grabbed whatever is available in the cupboard and the ref.

This is my first time to do this viand. I first boiled the ribs, as advised by the people in the market. I boiled it for 2 hours. Then I marinated it for an hour using McCormick BBQ Marinade. Lastly, I baked the ribs along with the tomaroes, baby potatoes, bell peppers and onions.

Since I still cannot sleep, at 6am I baked the Tipapia fillet with the same McCormick BBQ Marinade. Then cooked Sinigang na Pork Ribs.

The verdict: John and the kids liked it except that John said I should've gotten the ribs with no cartillage. Next time I know just what to do.

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