January 5, 2018

Benefits of Ice Skating

If you have two or more kids, it pays to bring them on a one-on-one date because of many benefits.  With an undivided attention, the child will feel special thus giving him the that opportunity to be more open with his or her feelings.  Trust and confidence is strengthened.

The objective of having a date like this is to have fun so give the kid the choice of where he or she wants to spend that day with you.

For my first 2018 date with Juancho, he chose to spend it ice skating at SM Megamall. I am no expert on ice skating. The first time I tried this sport was more than 20 years ago. Second time was three years ago. I can barely move my feet but I managed to stay inside the rink for an hour. The next day after that ice skating date, I was down for 3 days due to sore muscles.

This time I made sure to stay and enjoy ice skating more by renting that bear to help me balance. In addition to a very fun day, we met siblings Sean and Shane. When my knees, legs and feet gave up, I just sat for Juan at the provided seats for parents and guardians. There I met Tina (Sean and Shane's aunt). Tina and talked for hours. Juan and I also met Sean and Shane's dad, grandma, aunt and uncle. 

For all those who think ice skating is not for you, think again.  Just like running, walking and swimming, ice skating offers many health benefits:

1. As with other sports activities, ice skating also improves ones endurance. Endurance builds when one maintains a constant, steady pace, over a longer period of time.

2.  Ice skating is easy on the joints because it’s low impact.

3.  It improves your balance and coordination.

4.  Ice skating is an excellent toning workout, helping to sculpt your hamstrings, quads, abdominal muscles, and obliques.

5.  Aerobic exercise is an important aspect of cardiovascular health, and ice skating provides a great aerobic workout.

6.   Ice skating is a good way to burn calories while having fun!

7.  Stress can have many negative effects on your health, but regular physical activity like ice skating can help combat the effects of stress.

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