January 2, 2018

Headbanz for Kids

All the presents we received last Christmas are well appreciated. Hedbanz, Tita Gaye's gift to Juancho, is one of our favorites.

Hedbanz for kids is a quick question game of “what am I?” that leaves everyone guessing. Ask questions to figure out if the card on your head is a person, place or object. But be smart, after all it's Hedbanz for adults. Are you a famous person in history? Maybe an object found in the kitchen?  Hedbanz for Kids is available in Lazada around P900+.

How to play this game? The first player to get rid of all of his or her chips wins! Set Up. Place each of the cards face down in the middle of the playing area and read over the Headbanz Rules. Each player then takes a headband and adjusts it around his or her head.

Instead of following how it is played, we played it like Pinoy Henyo for a more Pinoy touch.

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