January 22, 2018


When we went to Singapore last year, it was Juan, my youngest son, who's very excited to swim. The twins have lost the appetite for getting wet in the pool then drying afterward. They just find swimming taxing and a waste of time.

So it was just Juan and I who enjoyed lounging at The Sky Park in Marina Bay Sands. Upon entering the glass door Juancho noticed this beautiful spot.

He asked me to stand and this photo came.  I love silhouette photos because it conveys drama, mystery and emotion.   Its simplicity tells story of what the photographer and the model wants to show. In this photo I felt like a beautiful and graceful ballerina.

The next photos were taken at H20 Hotel. Why do I love them? Well because I look sexy on it, minus the stretch marks than can be seen when the photos are not taken as silhouettes.

Sharing here 5, among 8 Easy Steps on How to Photograph Silhouettes by Darren Rowse

1. Choose a strong subject with a strong and recognizable shape that will be interesting enough in its two dimensional form to hold the interest of those viewing your image. 
2. Turn off your Flash
3. Get Your Light Right. The perfect light for this is placing your subject in front of a sunset or sunrise – but really any bright light will be able to do the trick.
4. Frame your image so you are shooting with your subject in front of a nice plain, but bright background. Usually the best backgrounds will be a bright cloudless sky with the sun setting. You want to position the brightest light source behind your subject (either so that they hide it or so that its in the background somewhere).
5. Make silhouetted shapes distinct and uncluttered. If there is more than one shape or object in the image that you’re attempting to silhouette, try to keep them separated. 

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