February 19, 2018

Moms Fashion

I was not into fashion when I was younger. I only get to enjoy dressing up right before I reached 40; when I turned 37 years old to be exact. Now at 44, I enjoy wearing any clothes. I think getting old gives one that much confidence.

One of the moms I can relate to when dressing up is Ma'am Oben. She's actually a teacher in my twin kids school. Whenever I see her, it feels like I'm looking at the mirror because we kind of dress the same, medyo bagets at pa-cutelm hahahahaha!

Last time I went to school, I asked Ma'am Oben for a photo op because she was into my favorite ensemble - denim and white.

Moms fashion shouldn't be boring and it must not take much time or effort because mothers are busy. What's important is that a mom must know where she's comfortable at - jeans, shorts, dress, skirt.  Remember, just carry the clothes joyfully and confidently and you'll surely look fab in it!

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