February 16, 2018

Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2018

Although I'm okay for my son Rafael to join Mr. and Ms. MandSci 2018, I had ambivalent feelings  because I wanted him to join when his twin sister is ready to join. I wanted them both up in the stage at the same time for I find it really cute to just see them there.  Since El was personally chosen by Mr. Patron and Gimeno to represent 9-Gamma, I couldn't refuse because both teachers are among the nicest in school.

Long story short, El made it to the first step, chosen one among the 32 male students of City of Mandaluyong Science High School. Then moved on to Top 8. My son did not win the contest but what's important is to enjoy the experience, win or lose".

"What's important is to enjoy the experience, win or lose"
-Joy Mendiola
February 16, 2018

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