February 21, 2018

PC Live

Even if my husband wants to buy me laptop yearly, I didn't want to because as a thrifty and practical person, I don't easily let go of stuff. The last time I said yes to John for a new laptop was in 2010. He actually bought me another one  in 2016 but I didn't use it. It was mostly John and the kids who used it until we sold it this year.

Eight years after, I finally said yes to a new laptop. John got me an HP Pavilion at  PC Live in Megamall.

For laptops and computers my husband chooses PC Live in Megamall as a go to place because the people manning this store are truly accommodating. 

PC Live 
4th floor, CyberZone, Megamall, 
EDSA, Mandaluyong
(02) 372 6893

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