February 4, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We all know that the prices of flowers during Valentines Day zooms up. So instead of giving an expensive flowers, why don't you give friends and your special one cactus or succulents this time.

These are popular giveaways now for any special occasions like weddings, debut, and even baptismal.

The trick is, while planting whisper L-O-V-E to these beauties.

Cactus is a unique and stark beauty! I'm growing so fond of this surprising plant that I now have several pots decorated in the whole house.

Growing desert cactus is actually easy because it is among the toughest of all houseplants. These pretty simple rules applies in the Philippines:

1. Light: Strong light is essential. Temperature: During the active growth period, cacti prefer hot, dry temperatures, ranging from 70ºF to more than 80ºF.

2. Only water if  the soil  begins to dry.

3. Cactus are slow-growing plants and will rarely need repotting. Many species of cacti will bloom better when they are slightly under potted.

4. I didn't event use fertilizer to grow my cactus but if you feel like using fertilizer, go ahead.

5. The most common mistake is over watering cactus so make sure to keep it away from palyful kids. 

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