March 14, 2018

Flow Jewelry and Crafts by Steph Lopez

Women have been adorning themselves with jewelries for ages, because let's face it accessories can transform basic outfits into fabulous piece. As  Robert Lee Morris once said, "Clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm."

When we talk about accessories, it includes jewelries, handbags, sunglasses, belts, and shoes. For this post, I'm writing about  jewelries. Well, a jewelry. My favorite one for the year 2018. I received this just last month as a gift from Steph Lopez.

Believe it or not, accessories can be a conversation starter. I know that because people I meet, even celebrities, usually  compliment a necklace or bangle I'm wearing in an event. A classic example was at Asus event when one of the lady boss asked where I got this wire bangle with rose quarts stone. I gladly told her, "it's done by wire artist Steph Lopez of Flow Jewelry and Crafts".

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