March 13, 2018

Flush Out Juice

I bought the shirt I'm wearing in this photo last September 2017. I plan to use it for a black and white events last November but I gained weight so it was hidden in the closet for five months.

Last week for Asus and ColorGram Event, I finally had the chance to wear this "X" shirt and my super tight (skinny) Gap Jeans!

My secret for achieving a flatter tummy? Flush Out Juice which you can buy at Lucky Cow Shop, 
Mobile Number: +63917-838-1337, or email at, 
Website is 

Flush Out Juice comes in a box with 10 sachets. It is by Sakusesu and iBasic. Flush out is best people suffering from constipation, irregular bowel movement, obese/overweight, or plainly for colon cleansing.  

What is Flush Out and what does it do for you?

Flush Out juice is a Prebiotics and Probiotics supplement that cleanses your colon. Your tummy would be smaller because all those "dirt" inside your colon is flushed out.

Dieting and slimming is faster with a clean colon. Most of the users of Flush Out, their target is to lose weight. And Flush Out is an effective way of losing weight.

A clean colon makes your body do better at absorbing the food nutriets you eat, making you healthier. This also means that taking supplements is at best when you cleanse your body. When taking other supplements to recover from a health problem, the supplement acts faster in a clean colon.

It'll only take a few sachets for you to feel the difference.  I mostly drink whenever I ate so much because it help release all the toxins from the unhealthy foods I eat.

How to take  Flush Out Juice?

Dissolve in a glass of water, cold or room temperature. Drink immediately. I take this at night as my midnight snack it fills my hungry tummy as I write articles for this blog, edit and upload videos in Youtube, and chat with my friends in Facebook.

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