April 29, 2018

Baguio Night Market

We go to the City of Pines at least once a year but we don't get to go to Baguio Night Market because we usually stay in the hotel or visit SM after dinner.

This Baguio 2018 trip is for Gabe and Meeca and their most important itinerary was to buy stuff. So we headed at Harrison Road, near Burnham Park, before 9am. We were too early because the selling starts at  9:00 in the evening and closes until around 2:00 am.

The crowd built up earlier than when we arrived because it is a shopping Mecca where people from all walks of life haggles for items like shoes, dresses, shirts, toys and more.

This "ukay-ukay" street is not only for late night thrifting but also a street food haven. You will never get hungry because lugaw, kwek-kwek and other food abound.

I'm happy for my first ever Baguio Night Market experience because I got to meet artist Nadz Barcasio and bought a bag from him. He gave me a necklace token.

Juan bought 4 pieces of small stuffed toys for only 100. Meeca, Julia and Gabe bought clothes. Rafael is the happiest because he found Kobe 10.  It was selling for 3,200. I haggled for my son and  got it for only P2,500.

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