April 11, 2018

Club Mwah

If you haven't been at Club Mwah, I suggest you check out the place and enjoy the fabulous show with friends or colleagues.

My friend Riz has been a Mandaluyong residence for 30+ years and it was her first time to watch the  brilliant and very well choreographed performances. What did she say after the show? Riz said, "Wow, I enjoyed it. I didn't know it was that fun and entertaining.  The costumes were intricately designed. And the production was just amazing".

Show starts around 9:30pm and finishes midnight. They are open Fridays and Saturdays but there are times they are close because they also perform for corporate events, in hotels here and abroad. To reserve a seat, call for reservation at 535 7943 or 532 2826.  Club Mwah is located at 652 The Venue Tower Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City Philippines

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