April 4, 2018

Pink's Hotdogs in Okada Manila

At our stay in Okada Manila, Julia and Rafael just wanted to stay in the room to watch television and connect with their friends. John, Juan and I went around to check out the many food destination of this luxurious hotel.  My chinky eyes were glued as soon as I saw Pink's Hotdogs. 

When I called Julia to say we were eating at Pink's Hotdogs, she and her twin brother joined us immediately. Kids will always be kids when it comes to hotdogs, especially with Pink's Hotdogs!

Juan ordered plain Pink's, hotdog and catsup, at P230. Rafael got Bomb.com at P280. Julia had Nacho Cheese Dog at P250. I ordered Hollywood Legend at P280. John had Philly Cheese Dog at P250. 

The price may be a bit higher but not everyone gets to go in Hollywood, so go ahead indulge and eat Pink's Hotdogs!

About Pink's Hotdogs:

Pink’s is renowned for its delicious variety of hot dogs and hamburgers, huge portions, and affordable prices. Its historic, fun atmosphere is considered a quintessential Hollywood experience, particularly for the late-night club crowd.

Celebrities love great hot dogs, too, and Pink’s has been visited by many stars. Back in the day they ranged from Orson Welles to Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson.  Today Pink’s serves personalities such as Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Steve Martin, Betty White, Martha Stewart, Aretha Franklin and Guy Fieri -- and is visited by celebrity chefs such as Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, and Emeril Lagasse.

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