May 22, 2018

Fit Fil National Weight Challenge

Fit Fil National Weight Challenge, the biggest collaboration  among Medical, Fitness, Wellness, Multinational Companies, Universities, Nutritional, Associations, Health Brands, Educational Institutions, Local Government Units, National Agencies, Media, and other groups from various sectors, had a prescon at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel earlier.

The Country's Biggest Nationwide Health, Fitness and Wellness Movement was founded by the Country’s Premiere Fitness & Wellness Coaches: Coach Jim Saret and Coach Toni Saret.

The Vision of the campaign is ‘to unite towards a healthier lifestyle and to create millions of Fit Filipinos by 2020”.

The Mission is “to make FitFil Challenge become part of every Filipino’s life and be the primary driving force in getting the whole country to become stronger, fitter and healthier”.

A 6-month online and on-ground campaign is developed to encourage Filipinos to join the movement and gather 1 million lbs collectively, within 6 months.

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