May 9, 2018

Samneung Park

Samneung Park current status is now UNESCO World Heritage / Historic Site No. 205. It is a park consists of royal tombs. Paju Samneung consists of the Gongneung, Sulleung, and Yeongneung tombs.

Gongneung is the royal tomb of Queen Jangsun (1445-1461), consort of King Yejong, the 8th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. She died when she was still a crown princess, so her tomb is very simple. There is not even a “Mangjuseok”, which is the name for the pair of stones that stand on either side of the mound.

Sulleung is the tomb of Queen Gonghye (1456-1474), a consort of King Seongjong, the 9th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. Sulleung is similar to Gongneung in many ways, but it has more stonework. Queen Gonghye was the 4th daughter of Han Myeong-Hoe, a high-ranking government officer, and a sister of Queen Jangsun, who is buried in Gongneung. This was the only time in the history of the Joseon dynasty that two sisters both became queen.

Yeongneung is the tomb of the posthumously designated king, King Jinjong (1719-1728), the first son of King Yeongjo, and Queen Hyosun (1715-1751). King Jinjong became the crown prince at the age of 7, but he died when he was only 13 in Changgyeonggung Palace. Queen Hyosun became the crown princess when she was 13 years old. In 1751, she died at the age of 37 without an heir.

Operating Hours
09:00-18:30 (Mar- Oct) / 09:00-17:30 (Nov-Feb)
* Admission is 1 hour before closing.
Admission Fees
[Korean citizen]
Adults (ages 25-64): Individual 1,000 won / Group (10 people or more): 800 won
[International visitors]
Adults (ages 19-64): Individual 1,000 won / Group (10 people or more): 800 won
Children (ages 7-19): Individual 500 won / Group (10 people or more): 400 won
* Following people can enter free of charge, only accountable with appropriate ID presented.
- Students under age 24
- The handicapped
- Infants (age 6 & under) and seniors (age 65 and over)
- Teachers and/or guides on an educational purpose
Closed: Every Monday
Duration: About 40 mins walking tour

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