May 27, 2018

That's How Much I Love You, Mom

John and I actually like having mga Batang MandSci, our twin kids classmates and batchmates, in our home. We like cooking and serving for them. It's the washing of the dishes that's really tiring. 

Juan is also going to the same school this year (yes, he passed the tests ad interviews!) I'm sure he will be bringing classmates and friends as well kaya as early as now he is helping me with the dishes. Ayaw nya daw akong mapagod. In his own words, "that's how much I love you, Mom".

Buti na lang we use Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid, I don't worry because it's gentle on the hands kaya I'm sure Juan's hands are protected. Aside from that, Bubblemam is way cheaper than the leading brand.. 

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