June 29, 2018

Hello Kitty Sanitary Pads by Softex

When I was a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old, my father would send many Hello Kitty items from abroad where he used to work. That's when I was introduced to this cute brand.

Now every time I receive Hello Kitty stuff I remember my old man who sacrificed working abroad at a young age for the sake of his growing family.

Last month, Jen sent me Hello Kitty Sanitary Pads by Softex that were simply too cute to resist. Although it took me a month before doing this review as I waited for my monthly period to come, I never fail to gaze at it's cute print on its print.

 Let's get on with the main topic, what can I say about Hello Kitty Sanitary Pads by Softex?

1. I like it's cute print on the packaging. Who wouldn't find Hello Kitty adorable?  It also comes in a thicker plastic packaging as compared to other pads in the market.

2. I super like Hello Kitty Pantyliner because of its embossed Hello Kitty ribbon, that acts as line to protect leakage. It is perfect for my use during the 4th and 5th days of menstruation when the flow is  light (ika nga, pahabol na lang).

3.  I like the overnight pad because it covers a wide area that will protect me while I sleep.

4. In terms of absorbency, the absorbency of the overnight pad is better that the other two regular pads (non wing and with wings). I believe because it was meant to take care of heavy flow while user is sleeping.

5.  The speed of transfer of blood to the pad for both regular pads (non wing and with wings) is actually disappointing. The surface did not allow for very quick uptake of blood so the blood stayed on top of the pad for quite some time which made me feel uncomfortable.

6. I also didn't like that the adhesive they use is not much of help because the pad/s I used didn't stay where it should stay.

I'm definitely buying the panty liners but sorry to disappoint for the other types. I hope Softex will take note of the things I didn't like for a better Hello Kitty pads in the near future.

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